The small town of San Martin is located just south of San José and is part of the larger Central Coast AVA. Within that AVA is the San Francisco Bay sub-AVA. The San Martin area is part of a smaller area known as the Santa Clara Valley AVA.

Moose Mountain Vineyards must be in a distinct area by itself with elevations of 700 to 1000 feet and perfect south to southwest exposure making it unique among all areas of California. With daytime temperatures in the growing season that can reach 100 F, this is balanced by the coastal influence with night temperatures sometimes below 50 F in the summer. This wide diurnal variation allows for the best growing season with each variety reaching its optimum maturity but retaining acidity for that perfect balance.

The foothills promote poor soils, combined with the influences of appropriate reinforcements of the coastal layer and elevation. The sustainably farmed vineyard uses cover crops with nitrogen-fixing plants to return nitrogen to the soil. The soil is never tilled and the cover crops are recycled back into the vineyard, allowing the vines to select for the desired nutrients. The hillside is lined with olive, apple, apricot, cherry, pomegranate, avocado, persimmon, mulberry and many other trees to add diversity to the permaculture vineyard. Hazelnut, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, loganberry, gooseberry, marionberry, and many other shrubs add to the population of beneficial insects that help keep vines in balance.

At Moose Mountain, we embody the “Do No Harm” mantra when it comes to protecting the soil and hillside today and in the future. Making wines with sustainable and organic practices is not only important, it is our responsibility.