The small town of San Martin lies just south of San Jose and is a part of the larger AVA of the Central Coast. Within that AVA is the sub-AVA of San Francisco Bay. The area of San Martin is part of a smaller area known as the Santa Clara Valley AVA.

Moose Mountain Vineyards should be in a distinct area by itself with elevations from 500 to 1000 feet and a perfect south to southwest exposure makes it unique among all areas in California. With daytime temperatures in the growing season that can reach 100 F, this is balanced by the coastal influence with night time temps sometimes below 50 F in the summer. This wide diurnal variation allows for the best growing season with each varietal reaching its optimal ripeness but retaining the acidity for that perfect balance.

The foothills foster less than fertile soils, combined with the appropriate cooling influences from the coastal layer and elevation. These vines are survivors and they have heard stories of how their parents had to┬ároot to school in three feet of snow…….NOT! But let’s just say they are not pampered but appropriately stressed!