Moose Mountain Vineyards is focused on the organic production of exceptional grape varietals and maintaining the vines in a more traditional way.  The eastern foothills of San Martin with its unique volcanic hillsides offer a terroir that is quite different from the alluvial valley floor. The vineyard is managed “by-hand” from the the pruning in February to the fruit drop and leaf pull in late spring and early summer.  The harvest is performed by a team of dedicated family and friends that have a total investment in the selection of the best fruit for the crush.

The production of each varietal is truly “hand-crafted” in every aspect of the process.  Moose Mountain Vineyards is dedicated to artisan quality, not quantity.  The Mediterranean coastal climate allows for the fruit to reach it’s maximal ripeness with the cool nights preserving excellent acidity.

There are no single varietal wines at Moose Mountain.  Every vintage yields exciting new possibilities for the production of a “right-bank” and a “left-bank” styled wines.  In addition the  other varietals permit some new possibilities for blends that are bold and adventurous.  All wines are made with careful extraction for a full bodied flavor that has depth of complexity that can easily surpass that traditional California “fruit-bomb” styled wines.