Life takes many paths. Dr. S, was first drawn to creating new life in the field of reproductive endocrinology, a passion emerged for farming and giving life to wine. Wine takes on so many dimensions, but when blended, the opportunity arises to create something greater than the individual parts. Moose Mountain Vineyards is named after an incredible rescue dog named Moose, who filled an extreme void that was created by the loss of a love but spawned an excitement about life and living that can only come with second chances. Moose’s confident yet gentle demeanor has a presence that is understated and unapologetic, yet real and connected, a refreshing change!
Moose passionately protects the vines from deer, rabbit, and birds like no other vineyard watchman. His passion for protecting the vines has allowed his owner/winemaker to explore the passions of creating unique European blended organic red wines that are deeply complex, but with finesse and loaded with healthy polyphenols that infuse the best of life into all.